This video was designed to portray an example of how an end-user might use MaxxNote, a video email program, to get a point across with the $10 application.
MaxxNote was developed by Summus Ltd. (now known as Oasys Mobile) and was targeted at tech-savvy online consumers.
The video was created to be viral, and was emailed to an “opt-in” audience in conjunction with a free MP3 player give away contest to support traffic to In addition, it was available for download on the Summus website.
Concept, storyboard, direction, videography, editing, AfterEffects, music and voice over: Kevin Darbro
COD MaxxNote Video
Kevin Darbro
(919) 423-4040
This is another video for Summus featuring the fictitious “Subby Chef” online delivery sub shop. I came up with the concept, wrote the copy, shot and edited the video, lit the set, created the AfterEffects animations, and performed the voiceover. Nicole provided the yummy sandwiches and Jim was kind enough to let us shoot at his house.
It was available on the Summus website for download.
Concept, storyboard, script, video direction, videography, editing, AfterEffects, music and narration: Kevin Darbro
Subby Chef Commercial
This is clip was a video email ad for the fictitious “BMW Zone” sponsored by Summus. We had permission from BMW to do this and we planned to create an online community website to support the MaxxNote product by providing a site where tech savvy consumers could send and share videos of their BMWs.
The clip was available on the Summus website for download, as well as on
Concept, script,storyboard, direction, videography, editing, AfterEffects, music, narration and compression: Kevin Darbro
BMW Zone Commercial
This video was created to support a press conference and product launch for Cosmetics Plus and Always in Style. Their new e-Tail websites were going to feature Summus’s Wavelet video compression in commerce situations, targeted to end-users.
The video looped along with other clips at the event to inform attendees of the partnership between the companies, as well of Summus’ products.
Concept, copy, narration, editing, music, design, AfterEffects, compression:
Kevin Darbro
Tag line: Brad Silvernail.
Buy It Now & Summus NYC Event
This music video was created for a hybrid Mac/PC Interactive Music CD for PBM InterActive supporting a interactive sales pitch to Atlantic Records in New York.
Editing, treatments, concept and design:
Kevin Darbro
Footage: Gravity’s Pull - Nick, Mark and Mike Ivanitch and Sue Elliot.
Gravity’s Pull Music Video - “Weird 77”