Summus Website Redesign
Summer, 2002
Summus has developed a number of different products to enable mobile phone users to enjoy the freedom that a wireless world can give them. Summus develops mobile phone applications built to optimize
The Flower Situation (mAble)
Spring, 2002
VO:  “David had to work late all this week putting together presentations for a large industry trade show. He puts the finishing touches on his last presentation and decides it’s time to go home for
PBM InterActive - Sales Demo
Autumn, 1999
VO:  “Gallery:  PBM InterActive is proud to grow professional relationships with diverse and vibrant clients, taking the time honored customer oriented service practices of PBM Graphics to a new
PBM InterActive - Sales Demo
Saturday, November 3, 2007
VO:  “Mission:  PBM InterActive is committed to establishing creative partnerships with clients to achieve and maintain hyper-effective modern communication solutions. We strive to create brilliant
PBM InterActive - Sales Demo
Autumn, 1999
VO: “PBM InterActive…your partner in modern communications.”
Screenshot from PBM InterActive Sales Demo
Client: PBM InterActive
Copy:  Kevin Darbro
Direction: Kevin Darbro
VO:  Kevin Darbro
Please click through the following pages for some sample scripts, copy and concepts I’ve delivered for clients. I’ve created training, marketing, communication and advertising campaigns for several companies including Philips Global, Fidelity, CARQUEST, GSK, Nortel, Kodak, Siemens, Duke Corporate Education and many others.